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Money Saving Tips

  • Change your furnace filter regularly, so your furnace runs at premium efficiency.

  • Flush the lime and sediment deposits out of your water heater regularly so your water heater runs at peak efficiency.

  • Sometimes saving time and money can be as easy as following these simple tips:

    1. Ensure your filter is clean. Filters should be checked every couple of months and changed at least twice per year, more often if you have pets or if your air seems particularly dusty. For optimal filtering, buy a good quality disposable or install an electrostatic filter.

    2. Ensure the breaker is in the “On” position.

    3. Ensure the power switch (usually located in the stairwell or joist above the furnace) is in the “On” position.

    4. Check that the thermostat is set for the appropriate heating/cooling stage.

    5. Do not wait until your house is hot to turn on the air conditioner; it will take more time and power as it tries to catch up. Also, pull your blinds down to keep the radiant heat out.

    6. Furnaces and Air Conditioner’s should be serviced annually.

    7. Burning candles in your home can cause candle “sooting.” Less expensive candles with fragrances are more likely to produce soot, necessitating more frequent furnace filter changes.

    8. Have your furnace or air conditoner’s make, model, and serial number available when you call for service.

    When all else fails, call the experts at J & A Heating.

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